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1940s Radio Station

Music inspiration for Weddings and Parties

Music inspiration for the best party ever is what we deliver here at Mobile DJ. If you are looking for a collection of Massive Party Hits across a range of music styles for your party then you have just hit the Music Playlist Jackpot !

Find the best tunes at Mobile DJ !

We have grouped our most requested tunes into their respective genres, from "Floorfillers" to the "1940’s Swing Era" on our "Party Hits" page. Each genre has been compiled using an automated log monitoring our extensive music archive and with over two decades of records we think the results are pretty accurate.

Free help with wedding and party playlist !

We are not going to lie to you, grouping tunes in to genres does not make a playlist and we are here to help fill in the blanks.

Anyone Can Join In !

Regardless if you are a keen amateur, looking for inspiration or seasoned DJ, everybody is welcome to join in the fun here at Mobile DJ. Our team of Professional DJs are on hand to help you you piece together a fluent playlist covering almost any event for FREE !

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