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Sunday, 10 January 2016 17:07

Get more for Free at your Wedding or Party ! Featured

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When faced with a passive client we send a standard road show package which can be adapted to suit most functions. Often to the clients cost, they have failed to take advantage of the host of equipment and additional services we have available.

Talk to your DJ ! Don't just book them online and take a chance.Talk to your DJ - They are there to help !

Whereas additional services often come at a cost, specific PA and lighting services can often be added or swapped within the quoted price. It is also likely that logistics would dictate a cost saving for any extra event services too.

Don’t book your entertainment, forward the obligatory playlist and leave the rest to the chosen provider. You could get a lot more for FREE by asking what is available within the price quoted.

Communication is what it is all about !

So many clients communicate electronically the days of personal consultations are fast disappearing and you are losing a valuable free resource! Consultations are where a provider can get to the core of what you are trying to achieve and use their technical expertise and knowledge to piece together at package to suit you. When circumstances make a face to face consultation impractical then Skype is a great alternative.

The Mobile DJ Team

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