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Sunday, 10 January 2016 20:56

Not hiring a DJ for our Wedding Party Featured

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Not a decision to be undertaken lightly and one that needs serious consideration. There is a host of disaster stories associated with this little gem and it comes with a high failure rate so it is time you had it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Choose you’re weapons very carefully

 We can’t afford it

Music will be used at your Wedding in some format and if budget is an issue we have a number of articles available covering useful cost saving party ideas on “How to Party on a Shoe String”. Search our “Mobile DJ Blog” or raise a topic on our “Support Forum” for more information.

The band is playing music through its PA during breaks

This is a “Pot Luck” situation and you will get just that. There will be nobody to warm up before the band and once their set is finished all the equipment disappears. You occasionally will get a good combination but it is very rare and if you are looking for a “Stop Start” party with no continuity then this could be for you.

We have a mate who will lend us some Disco Equipment for our Wedding

You must first accept that neither the Bride nor the Groom will have any time for anything other than playing host to their guests so this job needs to be delegated to a responsible, technically able person who knows their tunes backwards.

We are going to hire PA and lighting for our wedding reception party

Standing up there in front of a hundred or so guests, each one with their own personal music mandate in mind is no job for the thin skinned or tactless. It requires of host of PR skills and technical abilities before you even think about music.

There are many reputable hire companies that will “Dry Hire” a complete DJ System but obviously that comes with pitfalls. Because of copyright issues it is highly unlikely the “Dry Hire” will come with any form of media which is too large a topic to cover in this article. Search our “Mobile DJ Blog” or raise a topic on our “Support Forum” for more information.

There’s an old amplifier and some decks in the loft

Despite the humor of the title Professional Grade equipment is paramount for a wedding mixed in with an equal measure of backup to allow for equipment failure.

Our honest advice

Make up a “Pros & Cons” list but before constructing the list considering the length of time your wedding entertainment is going to span the portion of the day when your guests are present. You will be surprised how long this period is so consider the consequences of getting it wrong.

You only make memories once so make great ones.

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