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Tuesday, 19 January 2016 13:26

Not all hit tunes fill a floor ! Featured

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Some think grouping a bunch of popular dance tunes together for a great party is a breeze until it becomes their responsibility !

Making great parties at Mbile DJIt’s not just about great tunes !

Have you ever searched music on YouTube and clicked the "Play All" button ?
During that set did it occur to you that a song wasn’t quite in the right order, or a better one would have been next? That’s not because it isn’t a Great Tune, or not in the same style but because it was DJed by an Algorithm.
With this thought in mind handing your DJ a playlist of great tunes to deliver in a set order is the biggest party suicide you could imagine. Circumstances are constantly changing at a party and an experienced DJ armed with your playlist will adapt and consolidate sets to maintain the floor.

A staggering amount of party hits are a must !

Take the number of guests attending your event, multiply by a few music styles and divide it by alcohol you get a huge number but that is the easy bit. The scary part is learning all the hits in multiple genres, the fade sequences of each track and suitable records to switch genres without emptying the floor.
If you are thinking of Djinn your own event then think hard ... It's not as easy as you think and will eat all your time ...
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