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Friday, 22 January 2016 13:35

Venues Only Have Themselves To Blame! Featured

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We have all had it. The phone rings with yet another “Our DJs let us down” can you help?

Frustrating doesn’t get close and we have hauled our fair share of weddings out of the mire in our time and without exception it is ALWAYS the same root cause.

We employ a rota system that allocates the DJs night off with the proviso of being able to step up in emergencies and December saw that resource pushed very hard. Allegedly reputable chains are amongst the worst offenders with no less than two prime venues in Cheltenham being bailed out over the Christmas period and one New Years.

On each occasion we attended the full rate was charge so evidently the budgets are available but the regular DJ chooses to work for a fraction of what they were really worth. The argument regarding DJ rates have always existed and been the subject of some heated debates when the facts are very simple.

Get to grips with your DJ business modelBasic business facts ...

Any business will have finite overheads and when you add wage costs and a profit margin that is the price. There will be adjustments according to skill levels and quality of equipment which dictate the profit margin and overheads also increase exponentially. This basic business model unfortunately generally puts most full time DJs out of the budget constraints of the corporate chains leaving them with the new blood or keen amateurs.

We all started somewhere and our event procedures have evolved over time taking out all manner of errors. Many new DJs fail to have what we consider basic safeguards and anyone with the business acumen to manage a venue will understand this which leads to an obvious conclusion.

Venues choose to balance cost and service hoping there will always be somebody like us at the end of a phone.

There are solutions ...

Most established multiple operators will give you favorable contract rates in return for a fixed number of bookings. This allows the operator to smooth out the quiet periods and give continuity of work to their DJs.

Although these rates will most likely be higher out of season the annual cost becomes realistic and leaves you with a worry free entertainment package. You will most likely enjoy better booking procedures and a more polished product saving you time and money.

Need Help !

We take what we do very seriously and will happily give free impartial advice. You can even use our "Free Ring Back Service" where a member of our team will give it their immediate attention with no obligation.

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