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Monday, 25 January 2016 09:26

Remember Your First DJ Setup?

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Our DJs span a couple of decades and as you can imagine there are some fun stories. For the purposes of this amusing tale we are starting with the older recollections from the 1970’s

Pulsar Zero 3000
Pulsar Zero 3000

Remember Tuac or a Pulsar Zero 3000?
We said this was old and anybody who remembers “Bristol Disco Center” will know the type of equipment that was on offer as we are talking mid 1970’s here. Those were the days when the local record shop dished out so many promo’s you almost never needed to buy a record!

The First Decks

Money was tight and fees were terrible so unless you at the top of the game most guys were building rigs from component parts. Our first homemade decks consisted of Tuac amplifier boards and power supply built in with an equally cheap Tuac mixer but it never let us down.

Whilst we dribbled over Citronic decks back then our budget stretched to some unknown, unmatched pair which if you kept up with the needles sounded OK. It was also always a wise move to try and make sure you set the decks up on a concrete floor as the consequences were dire if you didn’t.

Tuac Amplifier
Tuac Amplifier

The First Speakers

We had no idea about speaker design so that consisted of two large boxes suitable to house two speakers a piece with both the speakers and the decks being covered in the most tasteless black 70’s leatherette. We eventually progressed and learnt the benefits of adding a speaker horn or two.

The Lighting

An equal measure of cringe worthy goings on here with the pride and joy being the  liquid oil wheel protector being one of the favourites. Stick a “Fuzz Light” on each speaker. Throw in half a dozen light boxes all run by your prized Pulsar Zero 3000 and you had “Saturday Night Fever”

This all stuffed in to an Austin 1100 and we loved it !

Paperwork and Auxiliary Equipment

This was the 70’s and health and safety wasn’t what it is today and it seems administration seemed to follow in the same vein. Most bookings worked on a handshake and making sure you kept well in with the local vicar.

The Mobile DJ Team

Loving what we do best ...

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